Ideas to Decorate a Room TV

Decorate A Room – A TV room requires a good chair and a TV, of course. But you also need that special detail that transforms the space into a place of rest. Directions from work and relax watching your favorite TV show is a real treat, especially if space is comfortable, beautiful and special. Having a spectacular living room is not the privilege of a few, today you can have a single space without overspending. Get your inner decorator and transform that boring corner into a cozy living room, intimate and special.

Warm and Natural

Give your TV room a natural look with this combination of colors: chocolate, pistachio green, beige and coffee. The natural elements in the decor create a warm atmosphere where peace and tranquility. Harmony in colors invites you to rest. And you cannot miss a welcoming mat on the wooden floor. Now lie down on the couch and enjoy your favorite show.

Low decoration, maximum comfort

Comfortable and white armchair, fluffy rug and furniture are simple enough elements to your living room. Add plant to give a touch of color and let your screen is the central focus of the room. The white wall you avoid distractions. It is recommended that you put a side table or coffee table in decorate a room to put the dish snacks to eat while watching your favorite program.

Timber frame the TV

Stay away from saturated furniture books, films and photographs; let the TV be the only thing that stands between wood wall coverings. Find a small, fluffy carpet or rug to invite you to lie down on it to watch TV in comfort. If you have kids at home is recommended that the carpet is dark.

Art to differentiate

The art and commercial television need not be at odds, decorate your room with a picture of your favorite artist, but do not put in the same wall where the TV because fight for your attention and decorative effect is lost. If you do not like the paintings you can convert old wooden doors in the center point of decoration to give a special touch in decorate a room to this corner of your house.

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