A Charming House Full Of Details

Charming House – House has a “troll” is no accident. It has taken hours of work and attention to detail to get it on this farm, open countryside. Bewitch you.

It seems that was always there because it is a friendly construction is rooted in the garden and blends with its surroundings. “Simplicity is the greatest sophistication” Leonardo said, and this is one of the natural attractions of the home to Ingrid Segers; a cozy house designed for you to enjoy your family and friends. Just six years ago, Ingrid, a Belgian executive, decided to take a guided tour of the vocation that accompanied him since his student day’s adventure.”The time to implement it, we had arrived says. I have always been attracted to the interior design, architecture and, somehow, the real estate business. Find a land, build and decorate a house like a hobby to me that I could spend more than a few hours of leisure.”

A wonderful test

His charming house was the first one reformed the benchmark for all others. “I wanted the house of my dreams. With that idea and so we always work without giving anything however good we are not really convinced. “The dream began with the search for the land had to be immersed in nature and have great views without departing from the city, where she practices family life. “The environment is critical-point-because I value the relationship between interior and exterior. It is important how the garden is seen from the house and how it extends out. “Open structures such as porches, decks or gazebos and windows allow such communication exists from both points of view. Within a year she was ready: “I wanted a house in the country with all the comforts of home the century” he recalls.

The charm of the details

The orientation maximizes natural light and there are fireplaces in the rooms: “The charm is often in the details,” he says. Ingrid and Annemie traveling to Holland and France to buy old materials: doors, beams … later reused in their projects. “The truth is that much of the furniture has been created by us with a base of old wood,” says Ingrid. A house with two floors, five bedrooms, upstairs mansard-roofed, several lounges and a kitchen which is as the meeting point for the family. “Hence the kitchen is wide, because we use it a lot actually, though the house is full of places to sit and enjoy the view.” Ingrid flees the artifice and prefers natural colors: sand and terracotta “that match the green of the garden”, and natural fabrics such as linen and cotton. From May to September the outside is lived intensely and therefore poolside, a little house with a bedroom, kitchen, porch, wine cellar and a bar type bar for garden parties rises. Also here you could not lack detail of the charming house.

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