Transform the Basement Design Example as Pleasant Stay

Basement Design Example – Most basements as we imagine that dark and gloomy place that we see in American films, acclimated to the music of suspense and waiting for something or someone appears to scare us out of all those boxes and furniture that are stored without any control and relegated to oblivion in such spaces.

So if you have a basement in our house and do not want this to become a simple storage, we can find many utilities that will make it a pleasant stay; well as a guest bedroom, a living room, our private gym or a customized room where “enjoy top” with our favorite music, movies or the best of the best matches of our favorite team.

The most important thing when starting any transformation in our basement, is to do a good inspection of its condition, to see if this some kind of moisture or construction problem, to address it early, before starting a new decorating it.

Usually basements are spaces with little natural light, so it is convenient to consider these simple tips as the basement design example:

  1. Improve the general lighting, if we have a window trying to make the most of the natural light. Placing mirrors at the top of the walls for light bouncing and penetrate as much as possible inside. And we must incorporate a careful artificial lighting with a homogeneous distribution in the ceilings, reinforced with spot lighting with wall sconces or floor lamps.
  2. The color to use depends on the use we want in our basement, I personally would avoid the mid-tones and I could use a light color if you’re looking to create a pleasant environment for our living room or bedroom. Or if you want dark colors to create our own movie theater or our personal space in which to enjoy and relax.
  3. The furniture to be used is crucial in this kind of space, to accompany his role perfectly and unlike many decorators recommend multifunctional furniture for these spaces (a big mistake) I think the ideal is to be clear about what we want to transform our basement and properly choosing furniture that we incorporate into our room for a balanced and character space, be it a modern and stylish room, or a cozy vintage lounge.
  4. Finally it would be very advisable to play with the texture of the materials in these spaces. It is always important to respect the identity of each building material, concrete, stone, wood, brick, light itself transformed into further material within that make our home. The basement is usually a self-enclosed, without much contact with the rest of the house, stay with the texture of the material highlighted and we can enjoy even more in combination.

Applying these basement design example and ideas sure transform your basement into one of the best stays in your home, but as we always say: if you do not want to fail, it is best to seek the services of an architect to reform our housing spaces.

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